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          Design & Technology

          The national curriculum for Design & Technology aims to ensure that all pupils:

          • 培养自信地完成日常任务,并在一个日益技术化的世界成功参与所需的创意,技术和实用技能
          • 构建和运用知识的剧目,理解和技能,以设计和制造高品质的原型和产品,为广大用户
          • 批评,评估和测试他们的想法和产品,以及其他人的工作
          • 理解和应用营养原则

          Design & Technology 永利棋牌包括为了通过一系列的实践活动,创造新的和令人激动的产品开发设计的理解。学生与各种材料,例如木材,聚合物,金属,电子产品和纺织品中为了做到这一点工作。

          The curriculum at St George has been developed to prepare the students for the option choices they have to make for study in Year 9. It is hoped that students will be able to make an informed choice based upon their experience in the department. Students who opt for Design & Technology in Year 9 will gain the essential key skills required for their final exam in Key Stage 4, which is AQA Design & Technology.


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